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5 Guest Friendly and Kid Friendly Bathroom Designs

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Having guest/kid bathroom in your home if you have numerous guests come to visit you can be a delicate balance of design and functionality for both. Rest assured, achieving this slice of domestic harmony is possible without having to make high cost bathroom renovations. There can be a handful of designs and upgrades where even a small bathroom can become a simultaneously chic and whimsical space suitable for all ages.

1) Use Bold Colors, but Not Too Many

To make your bathroom modern with a touch of kid friendly flare, use one or 2 different pops of color. You can use towels with stripes or other types of pieces in the bathroom to incorporate those pops of color. You could paint the vanity to add some flair, just don’t go overboard. If you have too many colors in a small space, the bathroom can become messy and overwhelming, but sterile white or plain colors can also be boring for kids.

2) Make Use of Available Storage Space

If you have a small bathroom, you will want to maximize all the space you do have. Look at the vanity under you sink, and organize the mix of bottles and other stuff that you keep under there and create as much space as you can.  You can stack wire shelves, plastic drawers and bins to keep that area tidy and efficient. Empty space under the sink is a prime location for stashing a toy- or towel-filled basket. If you find yourself in a home store check out the bathroom section for organization ideas and ways to narrow bathroom storage options that are sized down for tinier spaces.

3) Hook It Up!

A perfectly folded towel elegantly draped over a towel bar may be the pinnacle of bath linen sophistication, but it’s safe to say most kids (and many adults) aren’t interested in folding towels with military precision. Individual robe hooks bring a more laid-back vibe to the bathroom without looking sloppy. Anchor them to the wall, or get an over-the-door set if you don’t have the wall space. A bonus is that more towels fit on hooks than rods—a key consideration when your shared bathroom is on the smaller side. Hooks are also great for hanging small bins of bath toys, loofahs or bathrobes.

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4) Float The Shelves

Any time you have a smaller bathroom with not a lot of surface space, just adding storage to the floors just makes it more cluttered and crowded. However, if you incorporated floating shelves on the wall you can increase some space.  By making the shelves out of different shapes and sizes and colors you can also create a funky creative space.  You can also incorporate a more industrial modern look with wood and cast iron plumbing pipes to give your small bathroom a pop of style right of the home improvement television stations. Either way this an inexpensive and creative way to make space and add storage.

5) Balance Fun and Maturity

When your full time kids bathroom needs to double as a guest bath, you want it to be able to feel comfortable and fun for both parties. You don’t want to overwhelm guests with too many childish elements, but an overly luxurious bathroom isn’t suitable for children because, well, they are children.  Things are likely to break, get colored on, or any number of mischievous things children do in their bathrooms. A simple clean design with pops of bight and bold colors is the way to go.  Add some elements of fun and playfulness by using offbeat or humorous artwork, colored drawer pulls, wall stencils, or small accents with childlike whimsy.

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