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When you remodel your kitchen, many times it includes new appliances. But what should you put over your new range? a hood or a microwave oven?

Since both are helpful in different ways, should a kitchen renovation include replacing one for the other?

Whether you're undertaking a basic kitchen makeover to improve the look of an existing space or undergoing a major remodeling project, getting a good answer to the "range hood vs. microwave" question is challenging, but obviously same time for some!

Adding A Microwave Vent Hood During Kitchen Remodeling

Microwave combination hoods have become very popular over the years as they are often part of the standard kitchen design for new home builders and are chosen by many looking for convenience.

When doing kitchen renovations, the question is always whether to replace with the same thing or with a full vent hood.

In general, the number one reason  homeowners who are remodeling or renovating their kitchens choose a combo vent microwave oven is that it is a space-saving appliance.

The microwave is away from the counter and out of the way while  still providing good ventilation for the average family; Part of the assumption here, though, is that those who prefer this setup  use  their microwave a lot, sometimes even  the stovetop less.

Ventilation under the microwave is less efficient than  range hoods and can affect kitchen air quality and  be more difficult to clean. However, when the microwave handles a large portion of the cooking load, these factors may not be  an issue.

Choosing A Full Vent Hood When Tackling Kitchen Renovations

The other way to tackle the range hood when making a kitchen remodel is to go with the full range hood over an over-the-range microwave.

The notable benefits of choosing a full range hood for your kitchen remodel are that they create excellent kitchen ventilation and are much easier to clean than  under-microwave vents.

If you cook more often on the stove, use the microwave less and fry more, a fully-fledged extractor hood is probably the best way to redesign the kitchen.

Stronger venting power and easy cleaning are two of the main advantages.

In addition, since there are no separate devices in this room, there is no  need to replace everything, since the microwave has stopped working.

Which Is The Better Kitchen Redesign Choice?

Given the option of including  a  microwave combo range hood or a full range hood as part of a kitchen remodeling plan, homeowners need to think carefully about how they intend to use their appliances in order to make the right choice.

Those who prioritize convenience, spend less time on the stovetop, and get the most out of their microwave can usually successfully choose  microwave range hoods for kitchen renovation as they are multifunctional and can get the job done when using the stovetop is minimal or average.

However, home cooks may want to include a full range hood in their kitchen redesign plan to handle all  the ventilation and cleaning required in a busy kitchen where more stovetop cooking is done.

Just a guess, but  foodies looking for a more functional kitchen won't rely on their microwave very much anyway!

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