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Does your kitchen just feel a bit outdated?

Have you gotten tired of its current style?

Do you just want a change?!

Kitchen remodels have been a HUGE trend in the last few years. Your can blame the pandemic or new dietary trends, however  people are finally using their kitchens to COOK more!

Even with improved functionality in mind, so much of what you crave to update in your kitchen comes down to the way it looks.

There is such a big range of styles you can use to create your new kitchen. You don't necessarily need to change the entire style for it to make a HUGE difference.

Check out these three elements that Kitchens Plus recommends to change your kitchen up in a BIG way
Kitchen cabinet renovation experts in Morrisville NC
Kitchen cabinet renovation experts in Morrisville NC


Cabinets are a fundamental feature of your kitchen. They’re also one of the most well-made parts of your home.

…At least, they should be.

Custom cabinets are a game-changer in the kitchen. Yet, unlike most other elements, they’re as important in their function as they are for the overall look of the space.

So, want to change up the look of your kitchen? Change up your cabinets, and the whole space transforms.


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Kitchen islands are sometimes squeezed into the worst corner of a kitchen, or built TOO small for a large space…and more often than not, they’re built without making productive use of every bit of space inside!!

The most functional kitchen islands have plumbing and electricity and offer have pop-up charging ports, a prep sink, maybe a beverage fridge and your dish washer as well.

If you update your kitchen island to be as functional as it can be, you should have more room in the kitchen and you won't feel like the island is just in your way.  It will host guests as a meeting point in your kitchen and still give you enough room to work on whatever you are cooking or baking.

Kitchen Islands should have functional AND decorative lighting, as well as an optional pots and pan holder.

Switching up your island will absolutely mean getting it professionally designed. And it will be worth it.

Not completely sure if you need a kitchen island? Learn More


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Colors say a LOT. The color of your kitchen creates a mood and it impacts your guests when they come in. Honestly the color can set a tone every time you are in the kitchen to cook or bake.

If you go with more neutral colors, you can accessorize with appliances. Colors such as white, gray, or even blue can really work well to make your kitchen space stand out or feel comfortable.

With today's greener home designs, yellows and greens can have a certain appeal when designing your cooking space. With a green kitchen, people are also triggered to enjoy healthier foods and can be more willing to try new and different food options.

Warmer colors like red—in just about every shade—are also known for increasing people’s appetite.

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